Telephony, Cloud and Networking

We deliver individualised Telephony, Cloud and Networking solutions by enabling the design, deployment, and operation within multiple cloud environments. Our powerful partnerships bring measurable solutions to life.


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3CX - Your Communications System

3CX is a robust, fully equipped communications system that allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers - anywhere, anytime.

Here is a breakdown of why 3CX is the solution for your business:

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Cloud & Networking

We provide your business with the latest and easy to use technology solutions that enable your business to run at peak efficiency, with fault-tolerant redundancy all billed on one simple, easy to understand invoice. By leveraging our Network partners to provide high-quality, business grade internet services alongside our datacentre partners to provide class-leading Public and Private Cloud infrastructure we’re able to provide the best possible solution for your business’ technology needs.


Veeam Cloud Connect


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Internet & Private Networking

Private networks allow the multiple office locations of your business to be connected under a single secure network.

They allow for optimisation and management of connectivity between sites, allowing you to set priorities for traffic using QoS, block applications as desired and allow to a seamless experience for your teams, no matter where they’re located.

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Cloud Services

Our Conekt Cloud services make it easy for your business to extend their infrastructure into the cloud. You can replicate your data to the Cloud, or store your backups off-site for peace of mind knowing that should any technical or physical failure occur on your on-premises backups, you have a second verifiable restore location ready to go.​

We keep things simple at Conekt that’s why: