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24/7 Security Operations Centre

Security Operations Center (SOC)

With managed detection and response, let Conekt remove the burden from your technical team by continuously watching the environments and acting rapidly to address potential risks, ensuring ongoing protection with the most current security insights and guidance available.

Our SOC is staffed with trained, certified staff 24x7x365, meaning someone’s always watching your network, and you can get on with running your business.

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Fortify For Assessment / Assessment Plus

Understanding your attack surface and infrastructure is core to formulating a comprehensive IT Security plan.

Conekt will work with you to ensure you have the right systems in place to Detect, Remediate, Respond, and report any security breaches or unauthorised access.
We start by mapping your environment and then tailor a custom solution to fit your organisation's infrastructure.


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Endpoint Security

Monitored Security 24x7. Get a complete endpoint solution for threat monitoring, detection and remediation, all supported by an experienced 24/7 SOC with Conekt.

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It can be tough to determine the most efficient security strategy for your business, but you can Let us help. We’ll scan your business' environments, identify gaps and provide you with the guidance to help you develop the right solutions. More importantly, we work with your business to ensure that security policies evolve as required.